Interviews on Gender, Sexuality, and Transition: by Benjamin Boyce

In this section you’ll find a selection of Benjamin Boyce’s interviews on gender, sexuality, and transition, beginning with the interviews that include TransRational members and affiliates. It’s an incredibly in-depth series and covers a wide range of unorthodox viewpoints, from sexuality to detransition. We can’t recommend this series enough.

Interviews with TransRational members


Transplaining with Kinesis

Who gets to represent the trans experience? And how did the worst candidates get the job?

the startling potential of trans people, with kinesis

A discussion about how being trans doesn’t give us any more right to respect than anyone else.

Interview with a Transgender Centrist, with Rhys McKavanagh

Rhys (@RhysMcKavanagh) is a transman dwelling in the UK. In this interview we discuss the difficulties not only in being trans, but how that identity has become in itself a political act. Rhys' speaks about his engagement on social media, the need for more moderate voices, and how biology isn't something you can escape from-without unintentional (and very biological) consequences.

Becoming a Feminine Entity, with Jadis Argiope

Jadis engages with Benjamin Boyce in the contradictions and conditions of being a trans individual.

Interviews with scientists and psychologists


The Life & Research of Dr. Ray Blanchard

Dr. Ray Blanchard (@BlanchardPhD) is a titan among researchers into sexuality, and spent a large portion of his clinical career studying homosexuality, transsexuality, and other paraphilias. He worked at The Centre for Addiction and Mental Health in Toronto beginning in 1980 and became the Head of Clinical Sexology Services at the Centre until 2010. His typology of transsexualism, and the concept of "autogynephilia" greatly influenced the research of previous guest Michael Bailey. In this discussion we speak about his research and the need for biological data in the understanding of human sexuality.

A Crash Course in Sexology, with Dr. James Cantor

Dr. James Cantor is a psychologist, researcher, and professor of atypical sexualities. He speaks to me about the different ways in which sexuality is wired in the brain, and how this should be informing policy, therapy, and public discourse—but for some reason isn't.

Sexuality & Gender Identity, with Dr. J. Michael Bailey

Autogynephilia is literally "love of oneself as a woman." It is not a concept without controversy, but Dr. Bailey and his colleague Dr. Ray Blanchard have published many articles and papers (and a book or two) on the subject.

For a playlist with the full series, head over to Benjamin’s channel: here.