TransRational is a diverse, international group dedicated to bringing rational perspectives to the trans debate.

The Seeds of Rationality

TransRational recognizes the fact that in objective reality, transmen are transmen and transwomen are transwomen.

We stand against the imposition of myths upon reality, and advocate instead for celebration of objective truth, embracing its full complexity.

We understand that liminality is intrinsic to our identity. Who we truly are exists in the space between how we see ourselves, and how we are seen by others.

We take a rational, altruistic approach that celebrates human diversity, and seeks solidarity through discourse.

We recognize that the cure for ignorance and hatred is compassion and open-mindedness from all sides.

We seek to know and love our detractors, understanding they are not our enemies, but human beings just like us with their own concerns and burdens to carry.

We will listen to those concerns, work to address them, and strive to lessen the burdens of others.

We will build bridges to common ground and create spaces for constructive discourse over difficult issues.

We encourage dissenting opinion so long as it is spoken in good faith.

We are united by a desire to reshape the image of trans activism in public consciousness, to wash away the intolerable mess of bigotry it is now and plant new seeds of rationality that will grow into mighty trees we’ll harvest to build our bridges and share their fruits with our divided world.

Reality, not fantasy.

Humanity, not identity.

Diversity, not conformity.

We seek mutual recognition, and respectful discourse.

We reject all forms of aggression.

We seek solidarity.


Beyond Blanchard: Alternative Notions of Trans Etiologies for the Age of Information