Meet the TransRational team!

TransRational is a coalition of largely irrational people that are working together in an attempt to create rational solutions for a difficult social problem. These are the people that are working together to make it all happen, and who are also willing to put themselves out in the open. (In alphabetical order)



The leader of TransRational, Asha is a talented artist and writer. Her ability to find and foster connection, her willingness to interrogate ideas, and her genuine desire to be fair to everyone make TransRational into what it is and what it stands for. Check out her articles and video series.

You can follow her on Twitter @Kinesis, and check out her personal blog, Walking Naked.



Jadis is an Amercian transwoman whose dyphoria was severe enough that she successfully performed her own Orchiectomy. She’s also a literal vampire with a strong inclination towards social libertarianism, and you should be terrified. Humor aside, she’s a person who can get things done.

You can follow her on twitter @S3LF_MAD3_WOMAN



Rhys is a British student of Political Science and a transman. He’s best known for his Twitter presence, but he’s one of our most active voices. Right now he spends most of his time in school, but you can expect great things of him in the future.

Follow him on Twitter @RhysMcKavanagh



Although he stays away from the politics and is unaffiliated with our political mission, Tailcalled is our resident sexology expert. Particularly fascinated by transgender science, he spends quite a lot of time surveying people and their complex sexualities. He’s a Blanchardian who, over the years, has expanded on Blanchard’s theories quite a bit.

You can follow him on Twitter @tailcalled, or check out his blog: here.



These are people who have been working with us and contributing, though they aren’t directly involved in the back room discussions.


Benjamin BOyce

Benjamin Boyce is as American man who has been working with us off and on as he created his trans series for his youtube channel: The Boyce of Reason. He’s been a strong ally, and you may recognize a few of our members from his videos.

You can follow him on Twitter @BenjaminABoyce.